club rules

Huncote Vipers Model Car Club Guidelines and Rules:


  • We are a friendly, fun race club where all are welcome, all present are requested to refrain from bad language and respect those around them. Any persons not competing should remain clear of the track and harm.  Non racers may assist with constructing the track and putting away if they wish to help.
  • Booking in will be from 6.45pm to 7.30pm. Racing starts around 7.30pm as advised by the race director. All racing to be completed, track put away and premises vacated by 10.00pm.  All racers are expected to contribute to setting up and packing away the track.
  • Heats will be run on a grading system based on the laps achieved at previous meetings. Special heats for juniors etc. can be arranged at the race director’s discretion.
  • Race timing is achieved using a vostokelectronics lap timing system, associated RC-Timing software and RC-Results web publishing.   The system is compatible with many transponders including: MRT, AMB DP, Mylaps RC3 and Mylaps RC4 hybrid.  The system does not work with Mylaps RC4 transponders.
  • For visiting racers (or new starters who wish to try the hobby) without a compatible personal transponder, the club has a numbers of handout transponders that can be borrowed on the night.  These transponders require 6v dc power from receivers spare output & need to be securely attached to the chassis. Please ensure all handout transponders are returned at the end of the meeting.  Availability should be checked by contacting prior to attending.


  • Those racing more than 3 meetings must be members of the BRCA.
  • Race fees are £7.50 members, £8.50 for non-members and £3.50 under 16’s (juniors). Juniors first race meeting is free of charge.
  • For members wishing to race in more than one class a race fee of £12 is charged.
  • Racers may use school tables and chairs for pitting on the proviso that tables are appropriately protected with a person’s own pitting towel/mat and cleaned with a sanitising wipe at the end of the meeting.
  • Once the heats have been sorted a list will be put in the pits, drivers to check their heat number, race position and transponder number prior to racing commencing.
  • All LIPO packs should be in good condition and charged in a flameproof charging sack with an appropriate charger.
  • Any hazardous fluids including lead acid batteries should be kept in a spill proof container.
  • Generally in principle, tyres, motors, batteries and additives should be in compliance with the current BRCA rules. Cars should avoid any sharp edges for safety reasons.
  • 1/10th scale saloon cars are to run a 17.5 turn motor as specified by the BRCA.
  • Practicing is permitted, at the race director’s discretion, typically once the track is setup and between rounds, time permitting.
  • Once racing commences the system is normally placed in auto with 2 minutes set between heats, it is the racers responsibility to ensure they are ready for their particular heat.
  • All racers should be respectful of others whilst racing and allow faster cars to pass except when racing for position in the final.
  • Please avoid revving the car whilst it is being marshalled. In the event of a racer being unable to continue due to car failure the racer may leave the rostrum early providing it is safe to do so and without inconveniencing other racers.
  • All racers are expected to marshal the following heat, as normal convention the first heat is marshalled by those racing the last.  A minimum of two marshals are required at opposite sides of the hall, by local agreement racers may rotate the role providing minimum coverage is maintained