Huncote Vipers Model Car Club

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Vipers Club Rules

General Rules:

  1. Drivers must be members of the BRCA if they have attended more than three race meetings.
  2. Booking in will be from 7.00pm to 7.30pm. Treasure (or another committee member) will book drivers in by name or

club number. Racing starts around 7.45pm.


  1. All drivers to help set up and pack away the track. Drivers to pay £7 race fee (members), £8.00 for non-members.
  2. All rubbish to be put into bins provided.
  3. Friends are welcome as long as they keep off the track and are well behaved.
  4. No bad language or fooling about.
  5. All 12v batteries must be in a plastic container.
  6. Only BRCA legal motors and batteries are allowed.
  7. Only cars with bodies are allowed to race and should have no jagged edges.
  8. Tyre additives are allowed except for ‘tracklight’ or ‘wintergreen’ based additives.

Whilst Driving:

  1. Once the meeting starts no practising is allowed, cars must go straight to the start line.
  2. Keep transmitter aerials held up to avoid injury to other drivers and marshals and to maximise the signal.
  3. Let faster drivers pass and follow the lines of the course (no lane jumping).
  4. When the car is being marshaled do not rev the motor.
  5. No drivers to marshal their own cars (stay on the rostrum until the end of the race).
  6. On completion of the race drivers should retrieve their cars as quickly as possible and return them to the pit area, turning off their cars before going to their marshalling posts.
  7. Drivers are not allowed to cross the track whilst a race is in progress unless they are marshalling.

Whilst Marshalling:

  1. All drivers must marshal the race after their own. Any car repairs to be done after the marshaled race.
  2. Drivers must marshal even if they are unable to continue racing for whatever reason.
  3. Marshals should take care when attending a racecar and should not step out in front of a approaching car.
  4. Marshals should not run or jump  onto the course incase they accidentally land on top of a racecar or rough up the carpet.
  5. Look around first before putting a car down and do not put a car down in front of an approaching car.
  6. Take care not to touch hot parts on a car when handling it. (i.e. motor & battery).
  7. Do not mend cars in the middle of the track, only immediate repairs can be done by marshals.
  8. Any broken or ‘dumped’ cars to be taken off the track.
  9. Marshals must pay attention to the race whilst marshalling and not stand around talking or using their phone.

Drivers Briefing:

  1. Like most motor sport model car racing can be dangerous.
  2. A fast moving car can hurt you if it hits you.
  3. Drivers must be on the stand to race before the start signal is given. Duration between races is set by the bbkRC
  4. system and will normally be about two minutes.
  5. Cars have moving parts which unprotected can be dangerous.
  6. You all have had a copy of the club rules.

Just go through the major ones again:

  1. If you need advice on setting up your car or having problems then ask one of the committee to help you.


  1. The club uses two sets of AMB20 transponders (Orange and Yellow) for timing each race.
  2. Transponders can be collected at the start of the race before your’s do not collect them before or it’s impossible

to see if they all have been returned.

  1. If a transponder is not available tell a committee member.
  2. After each race, replace the transponder back into the rack before going out to marshal (unless told otherwise).
  3. Please make sure you have not got the transponder attached to your car when you pack up and go home.

(You will be asked to bring it straight back).

  1. Please handle transponders with care as they as they cost £40.00 each to replace.